Cactus Rail - Career


How to recognise a Cactus

At Cactus, we are proud to supply systems that contribute to a sustainable society. Railways are the most climate-smart way of travelling and carrying goods.

There is also a clear correlation between investments in railways and economic prosperity. Railways connect towns and regions and contribute to larger and stronger housing and labour markets.


Our way of working

What our customers appreciate most of all is our way of working: always willing to help, always doing our best, always keeping to dates and budgets, and always working flexibly with short decision paths.

Our way of working has therefore become something of a institution which we cherish and cultivate.


A special place to work

Our office is characterised by togetherness and solidarity reinforced by and personal development activities at work. Your colleagues are a group of really skilled developers, project managers and engineers all keen to create world-class solutions.

Not bad for a little start-up from Mölndal, just outside Gothenburg.



We are always looking for great people


Are you interested of working at Cactus Rail but can not find a suitable job openings at the moment? We'd love to hear from you anyway, we are always looking for talents and experienced professionals. Send us your CV and cover letter and we'll get back to you. 
Current job opportunities


None at the moment. 


However, we are always looking for qualified people and we'd love to hear from you. Please send us your contact information and we will get back to you.


One of your colleagues. Herman Johnsson – Project Manager.