Cactus Rail - Cactus Rail wins order on Traffic Management System

Cactus Rail wins order on Traffic Management System


Cactus Rail wins order on Traffic Management System to Inlandsbanan with 1100 km of rail network

Press release Sweden, Mölndal, August 25, 2017

Cactus Rail has won a contract for the introduction of Cactus TMS on Inlandsbanan. Inlandsbanan is an important part of Sweden’s regional development by strengthening the regions visitor industry, residents and industries.

The business community in the municipalities along Inlandsbanan is dominated by forestry and mining, industries where efficient transport systems are necessary for growth. Freight transport by rail has many advantages, both from a business, environmental and socio-economic perspective.

The new TMS-system includes remote control of strategic operating / control stations along Inlandsbanan and will be completed in the turn of the year 2018/2019. Thereafter, successive extensions are planned for another 10-year period.

  • The introduction of a traffic management system from Cactus Rail means that the capacity for the number of trains on the track is significantly increased and that our dispatchers no longer need to travel between the operating sites in the same extent says Mats Portinson, Infrastructure Manager / Deputy CEO at Inlandsbanan.
  • Inlandsbanan has a unique position to develop Swedens inland. We are proud to be chosen to contribute with Cactus TMS. At the same time, it is an exciting customer in which it breathes morning air and with exciting development projects for the door, says Fredrik Bergström, CEO of Cactus Rail.

More about Cactus Rail

Cactus Rail delivered the first TMS-systems (another abbreviation is CTC) in the early 1990s. Among the customers are both Nordic infrastructure owners such as SL (Stockholm), Swedish Transport Administration and Lokaltog (Copenhagen) and global rail companies as Ansaldo STS and Alstom Transport.

The cactus has named our company. It lives and thrives in a tough environment that places tough demands on adaptation, evolution and durability. Just like us and our systems.

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Mats Portinson, Infrastructure Manager / Deputy CEO, Inlandsbanan,

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