Cactus Rail - Our values

Our values

World-class solutions for a smarter railway

Values form the basis for our company. A value should answer the questions: What is worth striving for? What do we stand for? Values also help us prioritise options. Clearly expressed values make us more inclined to act.

Why do we work with values at Cactus Rail?

  • Confidence and trust are created between people. Healthy values bring more assignments, more satisfied customers and employees, and better results.
  • Values convey a clear image of our company and our intentions.
  • Values make it possible to set clear, measurable goals with deadlines.
  • The values make our standards clear. What is right and what is wrong?


We are guided by five values

  • We show the way.
  • We challenge ourselves.
  • Our choices are driven by the benefits.
  • Collaboration creates opportunities.
  • I take responsibility.


Our values form the basis for our day-to-day work. They unite us, give us energy, and ensure that we all work for the same values.



We show the way.We challenge ourselves.


We show the way
  • We see a need and dare to have an idea of the solution.
  • We create innovative solutions which are robust.
  • A deal is the start of a long and fruitful journey.





We challenge ourselves
  • We can do it – even the difficult things.
  • We grow through demanding collaboration.
  • We are stimulated by tough goals.


Our choices are driven by the benefits.

Our choices are driven by the benefits
  • We look at the big picture and prioritise accordingly.
  • Good enough is a difficult art.
  • It is the delivery that counts.





Collaboration creates opportunities.

Collaboration creates opportunities
  • We create opportunities for each other to succeed.
  • We communicate openly and directly.
  • We look after each other.


I take responsibility.

I take responsibility
  • I keep my promises.
  • I dare to ask questions and contribute to the solution.
  • I take responsibility for Cactus Rail.