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You are very welcome to contact us at Cactus Rail. If you have any questions or comments or are working on a project, please e-mail or call us directly.



Cactus Rail AB
Flöjelbergsgatan 1C, 4 stairs
SE-43 135 Mölndal

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Management group

Fredrik Bergström, CEO
+46 (0)705-81 26 38

Hans Böttrich, Sales Director
+46 (0)765-26 86 32

Jan Andreasson, Project Director
+46 (0)707-23 92 53

Fredrik Hansson, Development Director
+46(0)707-28 72 96


1From left to right: Fredrik Hansson, CTO, Jan Andreasson, Projects Director, Fredrik Bergström, CEO and Hans Böttrich Sales Director.


Förvaltningsaktiebolaget Segersta AB

Cactus Rail AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Förvaltningsaktiebolaget Segersta AB:

Förvaltningsaktiebolaget Segersta
Norrlandsgatan 7, SE-111 43 Stockholm. 

Lovisa Öhnell, Chair of the Board
+46(0)707-97 91 90


The Board of Cactus Rail

Lovisa Öhnell
Lovisa has long experience from management positions in entrepreneurial companies such as Universum, Feelgood and Vitea, and as a strategic consultant with McKinsey. Her top operational experience provides insight into how real change can be achieved in an organisation. Lovisa is Deputy CEO of Segersta and member of the board of several Segersta companies.

Håkan Petersson
Håkan has occupied a number of CEO and CFO positions. These included the role of CEO of Hufvudstaden International, a company which he helped to launch on the Stockholm stock exchange. Håkan has a good feeling for how to develop a team, a deep understanding of corporate financing and acquisition and integration projects.

Johan Prom
Johan has great strategic ability and a long-term perspective which is absolutely right for Cactus. Johan is the procurement and marketing director at Menigo, one of Sweden’s leading food suppliers. He was previously a business area manager for ICA Sweden with responsibility for ICA’s grocery stores. Before that he was a consultant for ten years with McKinsey and BCG.


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