Cactus Rail - Automation


Automation. Best of both worlds.

A SCADA/DCS from Cactus Rail contains all the parts you expect to automatically control, configure and monitor bridges, sidings, tunnels or other adjacent installations in the infrastructure.

Our heritage comes from industrial automation, and over the decades several hundreds of turn-key SCADA/DCS-systems have been deployed for vital 24x7 utility sectors in the Swedish infrastructure.

Our automation offering

Cactus Rail is a complete automation service supplier with SCADA/DCS software and workstations, sub­stations and PLC systems, automation cabinets, communications equipment and other field equipment. We also provide project management, design, training and documentation for a successful outcome.


Best of both worlds

For closer integration between operational systems (SCADA/DCS) and the infrastructure, the system includes DCS functionality. This means that SCADA and DCS can be combined into a hybrid solution that takes the best from both worlds.


DCS for efficient maintenance.

A Cactus Rail system with DCS ensures a homo­geneous solution for the highest security, positive cost development, and efficient maintenance. Dedicated substations that are closely integrated in the central system make for superbly simple maintenance and support.

Thanks to uniform system design, control is carried out consistently. The same principles, the same terms – regardless of the level in the system. Everyone understands how it works. The number of administration errors is minimized. The control elements are also portable to new generations of DCS stations.

This ensures a positive cost development which goes on improving the longer you own the system.


Always high reliability.

Thanks to the high level of integration, communication between the server and substations can be designed and executed with a high degree of reliability. The systems are robust and have integrated solutions for authorizations between systems, and these are updated on an ongoing basis.

Our systems can communicate with virtually any external equipment: PLCs, RTUs, substations and instrumentation.