Cactus Rail - User interface

User interface

A full-fledged supervisory system (SCADA/DCS).

Cactus CSX is a full-fledged supervisory system (SCADA/DCS) that monitors, controls and optimizes your infrastructure. Cactus CSX is highly scalable from smaller applications to larger installations containing tens of thousands of I/Os.

System overview

Common operations of the infrastructure is created in the HMI (Human Machine Interface) with unified symbolics, regardless of brand or technology. Control and presentation can be segmented effectively according to authority schemes. Operation of the objects is executed automatically according to supervisory control through the server or by local control through FDEUs.

Alarms and events

The system stores all the events that take place in your plant – for several years – under an alarm and event management function. There are great possibilities here for sorting and searching current information by alarm type, plant section, intensity, control system and so on. It is easy to reach the current process image, graph or response texts from each alarm, and to combine views of them.

Configuration tools

Configuration tools such as imagebuilder for infrastructure images, reports and trends database editors is delivered on-board every system and is accessible on every workplace. The images are based on the latest research in the field of HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) and the guidelines for high-performance HMI.