Cactus Rail - Support & Training

Support & Training

Different types of support and training

Delivery and commissioning of a traffic management system are important, but they are only part of the story. At least as important are training, simulator exercises and support.

For example, we offer round-the-clock support. To meet your specific needs and demands for service and maintenance, Cactus Rail offers different SLA levels in service level agreements.

All levels include:

  • A personal contact person.
  • Telephone advice.
  • Easy to report faults.
  • Remote assistance.


Training is a natural part of every project

Training is always included in our projects. A new TMS is a big change for you and your staff. Training is therefore essential if you are to gain acceptance for a new system and assure quality and security.


No off-the-peg course plans

Instead, we tailor the training to the individual TMS, the installation, the needs of your staff and your own preferences.

Here you can find out more about training and simulator exercises