Cactus Rail - Integration


Integration. Time to level up.

Cactus CCS is our platform for integration and communication. It integrates your data sources, based on decades of implementing complex, almost forgotten communication protocols, but with the best modern practices of putting the sources together.

The whole flow of data is analysed and combined in all thinkable, and for that matter, unthinkable combinations.


Unify your diverse infrastructure

Our generic and standardized integration platform is new, but also well proven – it enables the modernization of all signalling systems.

Cactus CCS has not come overnight. Experience from dispatching communication and IT systems within railway since 1992 lies behind the breakthrough.


Time for answers to your questions

How are various subsystems used? What is their capacity utilization, maintenance needs, and how can the plant be optimized? Can you gain synergies by linking the various subsystems?

We enable organizations to make confident business decisions with multi-generated insights from local or components. The insights are then segmented, correlated and tailored to each and every user need.


How challenges become opportunities

Cactus CCS lays the foundations for making all systems smart whatever their age or system type. Cactus CCS uses a common, descriptive model for all connected systems: regardless of the type of subsystem, traffic type or track object to be connected, Cactus CCS creates common interfaces with standardized and open protocols.

Cactus CCS could also be used as a pure, real-time integration platform for infrastructure owners who wish to centralize operations and enable efficient predictive maintenance.


Cactus CCS integration platform bridges silos and pulls down barriers. Previously isolated “islands” in your infrastructure can now be integrated. Cactus CCS connects OT – Operational Technology – with IT. For the first time, your EAM and ERP systems can get valuable statistics and data from far away in your operations – deep down in the infrastructure.