Cactus Rail - Light up your dark data

Light up your dark data

Light up the dark areas of your operations.

You probably have loads of old and new legacy systems, each controlling a certain part of your infrastructure. You begin to realize that if you could collect and combine data from your infrastructure, you would be able to make smart decisions for future investments and maintenance.

By combining the vast knowledge of your facility with intelligent insights, you can literally light up the dark areas of your operations and make strategic and operational decisions based on well-documented facts.

All it takes is to start gathering all your data in a unified format. This is created by using the Cactus CCS integration platform. Visualization is carried out by Cactus Analytics, and operations are performed by Cactus TMS (Traffic Management) and Cactus CSX (supervision and automatic control). For best everyday operations, training and simulation packages are available as built-in add-ons.


Bridging IT and OT for efficient asset management – on any system

More assets, more sensors, more data and more analysis are bringing asset-intensive industries into a new era of asset management, one of unprecedented connection and information.

Vital infrastructures with 24x7 operations have been our name of the game for more than 25 years. This makes us exceptionally well positioned to integrate and understand operations as well as planning and maintenance – and thus bridging Operations with IT.


Digital Industry 4.0 – when big data becomes smart data

Analysing data and turning it from big data into smart data involve transforming information into knowledge that is filled with business value.

One of the major features of Industry 4.0 is the ability of machines and devices to communicate with each other without a human interface.

Some examples for Industry 4.0 are entities which can make decentralized decisions and predict failures and trigger maintenance processes autonomously, or self-organized logistics which react to unexpected changes. Other functions include machine learning algorithms that can learn and control with very little input from human operators.


Utility agnostic

New infrastructure will need to support the blending of the physical and digital worlds, and it must be able to support rapid growth. The current critical infrastructure, which includes assets essential to the function of society, will not be able to support this new load.

Our integration platform Cactus CCS is utility agnostic. Globally, any organization can use our engine and retrieve smart insights.