Cactus Rail - Unify your diverse infrastructure

Unify your diverse infrastructure

Calculating hundreds of billions of context enriched data.

The core of the Cactus CCS is a modern, best-practice, distributed message bus capable of distributing massive amount of data efficiently and reliably between hosts in the Cactus CCS.

There may be one or several different message bus partitions within the Cactus CCS depending on network capabilities between data centers.


Redundant message bus

The message bus has capabilities similar to a real-time database, i.e. it can retain messages over time.

Therefore, much of the state of the Cactus CCS resides within the message bus. The message bus has a high availability and is tolerable to node failures through replication of data. Single data doesn’t reside only within a single node.


Configuration made simple

The core design of Cactus CCS makes it straightforward to combine infrastructure with different interfaces and protocols to a unified data representation for any external system.

This configuration is made from a single point, i.e. no more systems with various files all over the place that need to be edited. As soon as a configuration is changed, only components that have the configuration changed will restart.

Cactus CCS can start from the small and extend without interfering ongoing data flow – our customers call it “Migration made easy”.


Integrate to anything – but please avoid spaghetti

The Cactus CCS integration platform have support for a range of IoT frameworks.

The IoT (Internet of Things) specifications often provide seamless interoperability among smart things without the need of complex, local installations and give back the freedom to the user, developer and businesses enabling the roll-out of Internet of Things.

The same principle goes for accessing existing ESBs, or databases, or whatever you have in mind.

Remember however, that if you do not decouple your systems properly into data flows, you will end up in the same complex, end-to-end, inflexible solutions as that you probably tried to avoid in the first place.


We are always ready to deliver – are you ready to receive?

The Cactus CCS has a rich set of tools and methods making it possible to produce it with the expected high quality. A key enabler is automation.

All tests are automated, making it possible to run them at every change. A complete build also produces requirement specifications from our requirements tool, verification specification and verification report, as well as loads of other documents.

Once set, this formalism is easy to maintain.


Cactus CCS is built with the mindset of simplicity using microservices to make the architecture understandable for operation personnel, developers and infrastructure owners. With the Cactus CCS, it is easy to extend with any interface that the infrastructure provides. Let it be railway infrastructure, IoT, or any online service.