Local control systems & Industrial railways

Local control systems and industrial railways

In some situations and for some businesses, the operating staff want to be able to control the traffic locally from close by, e.g. in the depot area, during maintenance work or when testing a new configuration. Cactus can help to produce smart solutions that contribute to cost-effective control of your system.

This is true for example of:

  • Control of the depot area.
  • A new configuration needs to be checked when the interlocking has been modified, or as a back-up system.
  • Local control in case of unforeseen events as a backup system.


Depot areas

In depot areas there are many different types of technical system that require great local knowledge on the part of the driver, as points are generally switched manually. Much of the responsibility for effective maintenance of the vehicles rests with the staff and their knowledge of the facility and the work process.

Cactus can help to identity effective technical solutions to reduce manual intervention and improve the flow through the depot area. This reduces the workload on the staff and improves safety.


Local control systems

Over the years our customers have had different needs to be able to control individual interlockings and interlocking areas. The systems have proved to be a great help in testing the interlocking configuration at the factory and testing new interlock configurations when the system is in operation. They can also be used as a backup system when there is a temporary communication failure in the system.


Various solutions for local control

Cactus Rail can offer various solutions for local control and can adapt them for different activities.

  • Simpler PLC systems to control smaller installations made up of different technical systems.
  • Stationary local control systems to control individual interlockings in the depot area or on a line.
  • Portable local control systems, which can be connected to interlockings to test a new configuration or for control in emergencies e.g. in the event of a communication failure.


Local control systems often use a limited number of the functions available in a complete Cactus TMS system. However, you can configure e.g. automatic controls for route setting, logging, event replay etc. to suit your particular system.  


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