A small enterprise
with colossal aspirations

Meet Cactus Rail.
A soft company.

So, we are a soft company, are we? In many ways, yes. Values like genuineness, agililty, and attentiveness run thick through our veins. We’re not just selling secure software railway systems that challenge the market by offering a smarter solution. We also believe that personality matters. Cactus Rail is the small company where you’ll meet attentive professionals who have a thorough and holistic understanding, working closely with you every step of the way.

From the beginning…

We´ve come a long way as a company. Once upon a time, we developed systems for water, nuclear and district heating. In 2015 we decided to be all about rail. Cactus Rail was established, focusing on creating traffic management systems for railways. We remain committed to innovation, sustainable excellence, and providing exceptional customer service – and our sights are set on redefining the industry.

A fresh, cost-efficient view

In a sustainable world, the need for future-proofed mobility solutions is central. Railway transportation is at the heart of it – illuminating the important role we have to play. We are a dynamic tech brand, offering a fresh view on railway traffic control systems. Yes, our dedicated team takes your aging railway and revamps it into a modern efficient system. And, more importantly: we do it swiftly, cost-efficiently, and sustainably.

What makes us unique

At Cactus Rail, we see the modernization of railway systems as a gradual process. We develop our smart and secure software systems to go hand in hand with existing equipment as much as possible, and never default to summarily replacing infrastructure like interlockings, planning systems, or other ancillary systems.

This is what makes us unique – and, as an added bonus, it is also what enables us to offer future-proof solutions at a fraction of the cost that a more extensive overhaul would amount to.

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Want to work with us?

We like to call ourselves the small company with the big heart. Here you will be working on solutions that lead to smarter and more sustainable travelling. It will be diverse and challenging, sometimes complex, and the responsibility significant. But we guarantee that it will also be a lot of fun!

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Sustainability is in our DNA

For us, quality and sustainability are inseparable. The fact that we are operating in an industry that promotes a sustainable society, is important to us.

Our view on quality

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14009, which means we work in a process-oriented manner, with systematic and learning-based methods. But the thing about quality is that it must be at the heart of everything. Our ability to execute projects has become somewhat of a hallmark. It encompasses everything from project completion on time and with the highest quality to adhering to agreed budgets.

Our extensive experience in building reliable systems ensures that our installations maintain high availability. In all development work, we adhere to CENELEC standards EN 126, EN 128, EN 129, EN 50126, EN 50128, and EN 50129.

Our Quality Policy

We strive to continuously improve our deliveries, ensuring low error rates and high delivery precision. You can expect a high level of positive and creative service, with smooth resolution of any issues that arise.

Our quality efforts focus on:

  • Building long-term customer relationships
  • Enhancing service levels
  • Developing a deeper understanding of customer operations to meet
    applicable requirements

Environmental Policy

We are proud to deliver systems to facilities committed to long-term sustainability. The cactus gave its name to our company. It lives and thrives in a tough environment that demands resilience and adaptation. Just like us.

Our environmental approach embraces circularity, both within the company and with our customers. Cactus seeks to minimize environmental impact, continually reducing any negative effects through ongoing improvements.
We do this by:

  •  Assisting customers in optimizing their green infrastructure
  •  Selecting environmentally-friendly products and suppliers
  • Choosing the most resource-efficient travel options when possible
  • Complying with environmental legislation to safeguard the environment

Additionally, other environmental requirements impacting Cactus are viewed as baseline standards.