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We land sensational 400MSEK contract for Stockholm’s Urban Expansion

A new control system for the red and blue subway lines in Stockholm, along with 25 years of support, are the highlights of the agreement between us and Stockholm Public Transport (SL). In a few years, we take on the responsibility for the traffic control system for 250 million passengers annually. The total order value exceeds SEK 400 million.

As the existing control systems are over 50 years old, thus having reached their technical lifespan, SL issued a tender for the development of a new system.

We are incredibly proud of the faith placed in us in working with the backbone of public transport in Sweden. This is something we have aimed for, for more than ten years, and it feels incredibly exciting looking forward to the collaboration,” our CEO Fredrik Bergström says.

The new system is not only necessary to ensure the continued operation of the subway; it is also crucial for the implementation of the major expansion plans that are currently underway within Stockholm’s subway network. Extensions of current lines and new routes are in the pipeline.

Our great advantage enables SL to reuse the well-functioning relay-based signaling technology already in place in the subway. With our modern control system, they can bring the facility into the future in a cost-effective manner,” says Fredrik Bergström.

The fact that we can modernize and reuse existing technology not only represents a sustainability advantage but also a powerful argument for other European actors to consider the same strategic direction.

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Software Developer
Viktor Friberg

Cactus Rail’s system developer Viktor Friberg talks about the challenges of our unusually important project that imposed very high demands on safety and code quality. He also discusses how the many layers of complexity in our products require diverse expertise to ensure the system functions flawlessly.

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Fredrik Bergström

Listen to our CEO, Fredrik Bergström, as he talks about how we secured the company’s largest order ever: the Stockholm subway, which transports one million people every day. With technology from the 1960s, the system had reached its technical lifespan. That’s where we come in, offering a smart modernization by reusing old components and overlaying a modern system on top.

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Head of projects
Hans Böttrich

Meet Hans Böttrich, our project manager for the Stockholm subway project. He talks about the journey to securing the large order, the great responsibility it entails, and how good planning and mutual understanding between us and the client are key success factors.