Meet our products

Our focus: making rail infrastructure run. And run.

Our products are few, but our offer extensive. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating facility data, meaning all information of stations and field objects, into one platform.

What is so good about this? Well, for one, its scalability and adaptability eliminate the need for infrastructure replacement, optimizing line operation without disruption. You can bring generations of old and new technology together. And it enables you to make fast strategic and operational decisions based on well-documented facts, as well as smart choices for future investments and maintenance.

In our system, over 800 interlockings are connected to the platform, making it the largest integration platform for railway in the world.

Cactus Analytics

Want a comprehensive solution for measuring operations, defining key indicators for supervision and continuous improvement? Our intuitive framework provides data-driven insights and predictive maintenance while 
reducing l ife-cycle costs.

Cactus Traffic Management System (TMS)

The only solution you need for efficient traffic control and monitoring railway lines, based on timetables or real-time traffic conditions. It is user-friendly, flexible and scalable.


Oh, and proof tested for over 30 years.

In applying the Cactus Analytics toolset, a lot of new insights are created without any need for installation of additional sensors in the infrastructure.

Benefits with our
traffic management system

  • Cactus TMS is a modern, tried and tested traffic management system adapted to the customer’s needs
  • Centralised Traffic Control (CTC)
  • Communication with ancillary systems (traction power system, timetabling system, etc.)
  • Automatic route setting
  • Train describer system
  • Timetabling tool
  • Train graphs
  • Conflict detection and decision-making support
  • Logging, alarm and event playback function
  • Communication with interlocking
  • SCADA functions

What makes us unique

At Cactus Rail, we see the modernization of railway systems as a gradual process. We develop our smart and secure software systems to go hand in hand with existing equipment as much as possible, and never default to summarily replacing infrastructure like interlockings, planning systems, or other ancillary systems.

This is what makes us unique – and, as an added bonus, it is also what enables us to offer future-proof solutions at a fraction of the cost that a more extensive overhaul would amount to.