Meet our products

We landed the winning bid for Stockholm Public Transport (SL)!

A new control system for the red and blue subway lines in Stockholm, along with 25 years of support, are the highlights of the agreement between us and Stockholm Public Transport (SL). That means we will take on the responsibility for the traffic control system for 250 million passengers annually.

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From the beginning…

We’ve come a long way as a company. Once upon a time, we developed systems for water, nuclear and district heating. In 2015 we decided to be all about rail. Cactus Rail was established, focusing on creating traffic management systems for railways. We remain committed to innovation, sustainable excellence, and providing exceptional customer service – and our sights are set on redefining the industry.

Our focus: making rail infrastructure run. And run.

Our products are few, but our offer extensive. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating facility data, meaning all information of stations and field objects, into one platform.

What is so good about this? Well, for one, its scalability and adaptability eliminate the need for infrastructure replacement, optimizing line operation without disruption. You can bring generations of old and new technology together. And it enables you to make fast strategic and operational decisions based on well-documented facts, as well as smart choices for future investments and maintenance.
In our system, over 800 interlockings are connected to the platform, making it the largest integration platform for railway in the world.

Your expert partner. Available all around the clock.

When working with critical infrastructure, the demands for reliability and availability are extremely high. We offer expert know-how to help optimise rail traffic, and we are proud to have been supplying traffic management systems to Nordic railway operators for decades.

Something you will discover when we embark on our new partnership is that we are with you all the way, every hour of every day.

Welcome to the small company with the big heart

Working with railway systems is not only enjoyable. It is also important. At Cactus Rail, you will be working on solutions that lead to smarter and more sustainable travelling. Your tasks will be diverse and challenging, the solutions often complex, and your level of responsibility significant. Our decision-making processes are short, something we believe is both stimulating and clever. If this sounds like you, we believe we’ll enjoy working together.