You can count on
Cactus Analytics

Provides data-driven insights,
and so much more

Enter Cactus Analytics: a versatile, intuitive tool offering a comprehensive solution for measuring operations, defining key indicators for supervision, and driving continuous improvement. It provides data-driven insights and predictive maintenance, all while reducing life-cycle costs. Moreover, leveraging existing data, Cactus Analytics offers insights into facility conditions without the need for additional sensor installations.

Regardless of the maintenance systems you currently use, you can continue using them while we collect all production data in the background. The gathered information is stored in the central platform where calculations are performed to enable analysis and visualization. Integration occurs concurrently with other types of information from business, maintenance, and planning systems. Based on the data, we can generate reports and propose production strategies tailored to your capacity.

The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts

Now you know a little more about some of the major benefits of Cactus Analytics. But the very best we’ve saved for last. Because what makes it truly special is the synergistic effects. Here’s how it works: Raw data is collected for processing. Simultaneously, all information is stored completely untouched for traceability and to ensure the most accurate forecasts possible. We handle the entire chain, and the full traceability guarantees the highest quality of information.

In applying the Cactus Analytics toolset, a lot of new insights are created without any need for installation of additional sensors in the infrastructure.

Includes many capabilities

Asset Management and
Predictive Maintenence

Good asset management practice is crucial to mitigating potential costs in overrun penalties, especially as shifting requirements can derail even the most effective planning.

  • Clustering (group data to search for similarities).
  • Correlation. Compare anything with anything.
  • Outlier and trend detection

Conclude on gain

In applying the Analytics platforms it is possible to:

  • Measure performance before change.
  • Implement changes.
  • Measure performance after changes.

Cactus Analytics
can analyze:

  • Points.
  • Track circuit.
  • Signals.
  • Traffic patterns.
  • Level crossings.
  • Interlockings.
  • Alarms to maintenance.
  • Correlation towards third party information.